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Muffin Top Press


"Funny and real."St.Paul Pioneer Press


"Cathryn Michon is the female Louis C.K."


"Muffin Top is funnier than Bridesmaids."Judy Carter, author, The Comic Bible


"Hilariously funny body image rom com... it's all about self-image and female empowerment. But most importantly, it's funny."


"Michon's delightful, truly funny rom com ( with its cute tagline, "Love hurts, cake helps" ) is helped by a strong supporting cast of laugh-getters."Windy City Times


“Hilariously funny while maintaining the focus that women’s body image issues are no laughing matter.”—The Hollywood Times


“It’s funny!”— The Cape Cod Times


A great film for a girls night... Shows you can find love and happiness when you find love and happiness in yourself.”—The Oakland Press


“Hard-hitting (yet hilarious) look at how society has defined beauty."—


“The indignities of a bad breakup and the levels to which you sink to conform to ideals of beauty turns out to be fertile ground for comedy”Santa Barbara News-Press


“All the great comedic actresses - from Ethel Merman to Lucille Ball to Gilda Radner to Tina Fey - must be screaming with wild glee at this wickedly funny tale of a beautiful divorcee desperate to achieve ‘L.A.-dictated perfection.’ This is smart, sincere, funny-as-hell and a joy to watch!”—


"A hilarious and relatable comedy about the insanity of female body image."New Jersey Independent Press

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