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Santa Barbara, CA

New York, NY

Chicago, IL

South Bend, IN

Minneapolis, MN

Denver, CO

Kansas City, KS

Little Rock, AR

Orange, CA

Traverse City, MI

Los Angeles, CA

... and a few more cities being added!



If you’d like updates about the tour, or the film, please register here. We will never sell your email address to anyone, you’ll only receive info about the film, we promise! If you register, in May, along with the tour schedule, we will also be sending you the Muffin Top Party Planning Kit, so that if you can't get to the red carpet, you can gather your girlfriends, watch on V.O.D. and have the "Girl's Night IN" of a Lifetime. We'll also be doing special giveaways just for our V.O.D viewers and a lot more. We truly want everyone to be part of the party!

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